International Academy for Clinical Hematology (IACH)

The International Academy for Clinical Hematology (IACH) is founded by an international group of physicians whose focus is to promote good clinical practice in the field of clinical hematology. There is a growing and urgent global demand for academic continuing education of hematologists comprising clinical skills for patient management, standardization of real-life treatment procedures, as well in the performance of routine and comprehensive care in the various fields of hematology.

The 10th World COMy Congress

May 23-26, 2024
Paris, France & Online

The joint 2024 IACH Meeting 

September 19-21, 2024
Paris, France & Online

Mission Statement

IACH is a scientific interest group devoted to the promotion of all aspects related to CLINICAL HEMATOLOGY including translational and clinical research, education and dissemination of knowledge.

The IACH aims to allow scientists, physicians, health care providers, and other stakeholders involved in the broader hematology field to share their experiences and develop collaborations, with a SPECIAL FOCUS ON CLINICAL PRACTICE.

The IACH aims to fulfill the unmet needs not covered by other sister societies and attract a broader audience.


  • Organize an international annual congress

  • Organize national and regional educational events (eg. Middle-East, Asia, etc.)

  • Publish practice guidelines and recommendations (when and where there is a gap in the different hematology fields)

  • Launch and manage a peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to ClINICAL HEMATOLOGY and real life practice

  • Develop education and guidelines in nursing and patients’ care topics

  • Engage in accreditation of centers and certification of physicians in the different hematology fields

  • Run disease-focused registries and databases aiming to develop clinical research and promote good clinical practice