The IACH initiative was launched by an international group of physicians whose focus is to promote good clinical practice in the field of clinical hematology.

There is a growing and urgent global demand for academic continuing education of hematologists comprising clinical skills for patient management, standardization of real-life treatment procedures, as well in the performance of routine and comprehensive care in the various fields of hematology.

Currently, hematology is likely the most dynamic medical specialty with respect to new pathophysiology findings and their implementation in new therapies. The development of new drugs (targeted therapies, immunotherapy, etc.) is accompanied by a growing demand for sharing experiences in order to improve the quality of patient treatment and care through the development of professional competencies and excellence. In order to attain these objectives, cooperation is needed between health professionals worldwide under a common umbrella to promote health care capacities by sharing scientific and clinical knowledge, methods and skills.

The IACH aims to create a comprehensive intellectual and operational environment for acquisition of knowledge, skills, clinical judgement, and attitudes essential for the practice of clinical hematology.

The IACH initiative is managed by an executive committee and scientific steering committee.

Executive committee:
Pr Mohamad Mohty, Chair
Pr Arnon Nagler, vice-chair
Pr Bipin Savani, secretary
Pr Ali Bazarbachi, secretary

Scientific steering committee :
Pr Ali Bazarbachi
Pr Didier Blaise
Dr Eolia Brissot
Pr Thierry Facon (COMy congress)
Pr Norbert-Claude Gorin
Pr He Huang
Pr Junia Melo (IACH journal, Clinical Hematology International)
Pr Mohamad Mohty
Pr Arnon Nagler
Dr Zinaida Peric
Pr Bipin Savani

All IACH members, friends and supporters have the opportunity to indicate their interest to join and/or contribute to the different scientific activities. If you have questions, please send a request to:

Administrative management: C/O CME Congresses Ltd.