IACH Journal Club – Video Library

Dr. Adi Nagler, Prof. Martin Larsen
April 13, 2021

Dr. Jonathan Peled, Dr. Florent Malard
March 30, 2021

Prof. Peter Bader, Prof. Arnon Nagler
March 9, 2021

Dr. Nizar Bahlis and Dr. Salomon Manier
February 9, 2021

Prof. Pau Montesinos and Prof. Thomas Prebet
January 26, 2021

Prof. Marcelo C. Pasquini and Prof. Christian Chabannon
December 3rd, 2020

Prof. Steven Le Gouill and Prof. Christian Gisselbrecht
November 19, 2020

Prof. Robin Foà and Dr. Eolia Brissot
November 2, 2020

Prof. María-Victoria Mateos and Prof. Karthik Ramasamy
October 20, 2020

Prof. Mohamad Mohty
October 15, 2020