‘Standing on the Shoulders of the Giants’ by the IACH

The STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF THE GIANTS initiative by the IACH aims to celebrate the achievements of leading experts and investigators whose work and research have helped to significantly advance the field of clinical hematology, and established the milestones and foundations of modern clinical hematology.

The IACH scientific steering committee will choose the honorees from different fields of clinical hematology. All IACH members, friends and supporters are also encouraged to propose names. The steering committee will ultimately choose among the proposed names based on each nominee’s body of work, including strength of research, clinical impact, significant educational contributions, and overall accomplishments.

The honoree will participate into a special webinar (interview format with or without supporting slides), where his/her landmark successes will be described and discussed, while underlining the remarkable character of these achievements and their tremendous impact in clinical practice.

‘Standing on the Shoulders of the Giants’ with Prof. Giampaolo Merlini
November 15, 2022

‘Standing on the Shoulders of the Giants’ with Prof. Robert A. Kyle
June 16, 2022

‘Standing on the Shoulders of the Giants’ with Prof. Rainer Storb
February 17, 2022

Standing on the Shoulders of the Giants