The IACH for Nurses

The “IACH for Nurses” aims to bring together nurses and other allied health professionals, working in the field of clinical hematology to foster education and to improve the care of patients through evidence-based practice.
The IACH would like to emphasize and highlight the nursing role worldwide through state-of-the-art educational activities.
The IACH acknowledge the great need for top level care of patients and their relatives, and nurses have been always on the forefront of the holistic care of patients. Management of patients with blood diseases is not only about survival it’s also about enhancement and improvement of patients quality of life.

Management of patients receiving antiCD38 (supporting tools on how to manage them, AEs)
April 22 2024
Speakers: Agnes Bonnin, Jackie Quinn, Emma Williams

Nursing Care and Frailty in Myeloma
March 11 2024
Speakers: Orla Mccourt, Audrey Robb, Emma Williams

Immunothérapie du myélome multiple: le point de vue des soignants (In French)
March 13 2024
Speakers: Agnès Bonnin, Stéphanie Devilliere, Bounouar Hamed, Gina Martins, Sabine Pons

Nursing Care at the Era of Modern Therapy for Multiple Myeloma
February 19 2024
Speakers: Ceri Bygrave, Jackie Quinn, Emma Williams

Acute and Late Toxicities of Bi-specific Antibody Therapy
January 29 2024
Speaker: Shelton Harrell

GVHD management and Survivorship in HCT recipients
December 21 2023
Speaker: Melissa Logue

Inpatient Management of Acute Leukemia Undergoing High-Dose Chemotherapy
November 9 2023
Speaker: Whitney Chase

Post-HCT relapse monitoring and management
October 12 2023
Speaker: Danielle Murphy

Logistics and patient monitoring of outpatient CAR T program
July 25 2023
Speaker: Brittney Baer

Acute and Long-Term Cardiovascular Complications of Stem Cell Transplantation
June 7 2023
Speaker: Katie Largent

Post-HCT infectious complications
May 9 2023
Speaker: Anne Austin

Early and Late complications after CAR T therapy
Speaker: Nancy C. Long

The IACH for Nurses announcement