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Prof. He Huang – Non-viral, specifically targeted CAR-T cells, achieve high safety and efficacy in B-NHL

Prof. Mikkael Sekeres – Azacitidine plus venetoclax for myelodysplastic syndromes

Dr. Adi Nagler – Single cell sequencing to chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Prof. Meral Beksac – The recent developments in the field of bispecific T-cell engagers

Prof. Selim Corbacioglu – The importance of veno-occlusive disease prophylaxis

Prof. Paul Richardson – Melflufen for the treatement of relapsed-refractory myeloma

Prof. Mohamad Mohty – New treatments for refractrory acute GVHD

Dr. Eolia Brissot – Approval of maribvir for post-transplant cytomegalovirus infection

Prof. Sebastian Giebel – CAR T cells for adult ALL

Prof. Farhad Ravandi – MRD in AML

Prof. Iskra Pusic – Recent updated in Acute GVHD

Prof. Arnon Kater -State of the art therapy in CLL

Annalisa Ruggeri – Haplo versus matched unrelated transplant at the era of post-cyclophosphamide

Christopher Hourigan – How to distinguish to Acute Myeloid Leukemia from Non-Malignant Clonal Hematopoiesis?

Robert Zeiser – REACH3 trial results

Alex Lazaryan – Belumosudil’s FDA approval for cGVHD

Monzr Al Malki – The role of post cyclophosphamide, for GVHD prophylaxis, in the mismatched unrelated setting

Naveen Pemmaraju – Novel Therapeutic Approaches in BPDCN

Jurgen Kuball – Gammadelta T cells

Anna Sureda – Therapy of lymphomas, what’s new at EHA 2021

Nitin Jain – Therapy of CLL, what’s new at EHA 2021

Gram Jackson – Recently released paper on Improving prognostic assignment in older adults with MM

Mehdi Hamadani – Recently released ZUMA-7 trial results

Saad Usmani – Take-home messages, from ASCO, and EHA 2021

Luciano J. Costa – The role of auto in myeloma based on the ASCO 21 data

Jesus G. Berdeja – Results of the CARTITUDE-1 study

Arnon Nagler – Allo-transplant for AML: what’s new at EHA 2021

Mohamad Mohty – Advances in Multiple Myeloma as reported at EHA 2021

Ruben Mesa – Therapy of MPNs: what’s new at EHA 2021?

Dr. Jordan Gauthier – Results from Phase 3 TRANSFORM Trial

Dr. Jim Omel – The patient / cancer research advocate viewpoint from ASCO 2021

Prof. Mohamad Mohty – Multiple myeloma take home messages from ASCO 2021

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